Value Proposition

Tygard Claws – The original patented mechanical layer-picking forklift attachment.  

Tygard Claw improved productivity


Increase Fulfillment Speed
Front Mount Tygard Claw (TC-600F) picks 900-1,200 cases per hour. Increase fulfillment up to five times the speed of manual case picking.

Side Mount Tygard Claw (TC-600S) picks 1,500 to 2,200 cases per hour.  Reduce warehouse labor up to 40%!



Reduce Work Related Injuries                                                                                                                   Tygard Claws lift an average of 40,000 lbs/hour! Tygard Claw layer-lifters reduce injuries to manual layer-pickers by eliminating the excessive weight bearing and repetitive motions their job description requires.

  • Fewer injuries to workers result in fewer Workers’ Compensation Claims. 

Unsurpassed Visibility for Fast, Safe Handling
Tygard Claws have an unobstructed view at both floor and picking height levels.  A  full range of vision for the operator allows for a safer and more efficient picking operation. .

Reduces Labor/Warehouse Operation Costs                                                                    
Tygard Claw’s Layer Picking/Pallet Splitting Systems increase order fulfillment efficiency.

  • Decrease Labor Costs. Reduce Employee Injuries. Reduce Peak Overtime. Eliminate Seasonal Hiring. Reduce Product Damage.

Increases Load Accuracy
Tygard Claws increase warehouse operation savings and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Picking in layers greatly reduces: Order errors and warehouse delivery times.  Picking in layers significantly improves receiving times for customers.

Improve Warehouse Space Utilization
Warehouse operations can access available space more efficiently utilizing the Tygard Claw pick line.

  • Single or multiple layer-lifting with the Tygard Claw saves space, time and money.

On-Site Training
We train your certified forklift operator to operate the Tygard Claw.

Fits Any Brand Forklift
Tygard Claws’ are not brand specific and can be installed on any make forklift.
Schedule an on-site demonstration lifting single or multiple layers of your product.

“The One that Works!”


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