The Tygard Claw, a four-way pressure sensitive layer-picking device that attaches to any brand forklift to distribute packaging and loads that no other clamping device can.

Front Mount (click here to preview)
Quickly splits full pallet loads and adds or removes layers to pallets maximizing pallet rack and warehouse cube utilization. Tygard’s new flexible front mount system attaches in less than 2 minutes without tools to an appropriately configured forklift.

Side Mount (click here to preview)
Efficient layer-picking attachment to quickly and efficiently build mixed pallet loads. Tygard Claw is not forklift brand specific.  Supermarket warehouses, beverage plants and distribution facilities benefit from the speed and flexibility Tygard Claws offer.

Guide Rail System (click here to preview)
The Guide Rail system uses a side mount Tygard Claw ranges from 60 – 200 feet (20 – 60 meters) for safe, fast, economical mixed or split pallet building. A double rail system is available for larger operations requiring greater speed and efficiency minimizing total warehouse operating costs.

Lift Truck Mast with Inner Channel (click here to preview)
Tygard’s Lift Truck Mast has a patented inner channel. This device is to prevent mast wear when lifting a load from either side.

Patented Load Ram (click here to preview)
Tygard’s Load Ram is designed to fit center voids of non-solid product loads providing critical counter pressure to uphold the layer(s) being lifted. The load ram easily lowers into the void directly proportional with the claw arms. The load ram greatly increases layer picking efficiency and reduces product damage. Tygard’s Patented Load Ram can also be custom ordered to be expandable and retractable.

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