Unparalleled Performance

The most reliable, efficient and economical supply chain solution for layer-lifting.

Performance. Either you have it or you don’t.  Picking layers and building pallets of mixed product by hand is slow, back-breaking work.  Not so with the Tygard Claw!  No other layer picker can match the performance of the Tygard Claw. A Front Mount Tygard Claw can move mountains of product to precisely fill your orders an average of five times faster than manual picking, The incredible Side Mount Tygard Claw enables you to pick 1500-2200 cases* per hour reducing warehouse labor by up to 40%! Our Patented Load Ram greatly increases layer picking efficiency and reduces product damage by filling the center void of non-solid product loads, providing critical counter pressure right where it is needed.

*12 oz cans in 12 packs, 24 cans per case, 8 cases per layer


 See for yourself how fast and efficient the Tygard Claw really is! 

Claw Demo. See the Claw in action and hear from one of our oldest clients.

Broken pallet full of product? No problem! Witness the mighty Tygard Claw precisely lift a whole pallet’s worth of delicate produce and gently place it on a new pallet in seconds! Consider the time, manpower and labor a Tygard Claw could save your operation!


Versatility & Durability 

With unmatched versatility and durability, the Tygard Claw can attach to any brand forklift & can be adapted for use with any size pallet.

Custom Build

When you order a Tygard Claw we design and build it to meet your handling requirements.  Each Claw is specifically tailored to fit the needs of your operation with maximum out-to-out positioning capability for the specific handling characteristics of your pallet loads!

Easy to Operate and Easy to Maintain

  • Low-maintenance design- Minimum service required
  • All hoses, cylinders, valves and fittings can be serviced from the front of the truck!
  • Polymer MDS plastic bushings are easily replaced and require no grease.
  • Trusted Tygard quality manufacturing- Made to last
  •  Proudly designed & built in the USA!

When it comes to performance, the Tygard Claw’s custom design & superior build quality can’t be beat. Another reason it’s known as…

“The One that Works!”


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