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Tygard Machine & Manufacturing Co., Inc., revolutionized the supply-chain industry in 1995 with the introduction of our patented “Tygard Claw” layer-picking forklift attachment.  We offer maximum return on investment with minimal cost of ownership, for a product that uniquely handles the most challenging product lifting jobs in the industry. When it comes to quality layer-picking forklift attachments there really is only one. Accept no substitutions! The Original Tygard Claw– It’s The One that Works!!

Tygard Claws are precision-crafted at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility in the USA. Each and every component of our layer lifting device is made to provide unparalleled performance; keeping us the trusted worldwide leader in the layer-picking attachment industry.

Tygard Machine & Manufacturing is genuinely proud of the unsurpassed quality and service we provide to our customers. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing processes remain dedicated to providing our customers with a superior product. Each and every Tygard product is custom built and designed to exceed your application requirements. Our confidence as a company actually comes from the feedback and constant affirmation of our satisfied clients. It is a privilege to hear that Tygard not only understands our customers, but that we surpass their needs and expectations every time.

  • Uncompromising excellence ensures Tygard Claws meet global material handling equipment specifications.
  • Tygard Claws are certified to meet the health, safety and environmental requirements of the European Union and bear the CE mark.

When it comes to layer-lifting, don’t get stuck with imitations. Trust the innovator who patented the original layer-picking attachment.  Only Tygard Claws attach to any brand forklift making it efficient, effective, and dead simple to operate. When comparing the quality and the customer satisfaction of layer-lifters, we are known in the industry to provide layer-picking systems that not only last, but move more products like no other forklift attachment can. That’s one reason our customers call Tygard Claws

  “The One that Works!”


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